Areas of Practice


Business Disputes

Many times, situations may arise between officers or employees of an organization. If the problem is not easily resolved, you may need representation to safeguard your best interest and legal rights.


Commercial Litigation

Problems happen when operating a business. These problems can come up through a breach of contract, undelivered product/services, or bad faith negotiations. There are many ways to resolve these matters. When developing a solution, you want an attorney who takes into account the speed in which the matter is resolved, the potential of a continuing relationship with a supplier/customer, and your business’s industry reputation. We take into consideration the factors beyond the purely legal to come up with the best outcome for your business.


Trade Secrets and Non-Competes

Trade Secrets and Covenants Not to Compete are limited under Texas case law. When these legal issues come up, you need an attorney who understands the intricacies of this body of law. Whether drafting, enforcing, or defending an agreement; we can help.



Protecting fair play in the markets is the aim of antitrust law. Many industries and professional trade associations face antitrust liability. We can help you formulate a strategy that complies with the antitrust laws and represent you in antitrust litigation.


Securities and Investment Fraud

Most people invest to provide a better future or retirement. However, some will take advantage of your desire to invest and make a better life for yourself. Areas such as Oil and Gas, Real Estate, and Private Business investment can be very attractive to a potential investor. We represent many who have been defrauded to recover their investment that was stolen from them.


DTPA and Warranty Claims

Texas offers strong consumer protection laws that can safeguard a person in purchases big and small. These laws provide a remedy for consumers who have been harmed by dishonest and deceptive business practices. In many situations, we can hold these companies accountable for their actions.