J. Snyder, PLLC

is a litigation firm focusing on Commercial and Consumer disputes



Christopher J. Snyder, PLLC

Christopher J. Snyder, PLLC is a litigation firm focusing on Commercial and Consumer disputes. From advising clients in resolving their cases to full litigation, we are ready to assist you in resolving your disputes quickly, efficiently, and amicably. In the area of Commercial law; we handle cases involving business disputes between officers of the same company, two or more companies, and company and consumer. On the consumer law front; we regularly represent people in a wide variety of cases from warranty claims to securities and investment fraud.

Schedule a consultation with us:

If you have a contract that you feel has been breached

If you have been the victim of fraud while investing or making a major purchase

If a business is not honoring a warranty

If one of you suppliers has failed to deliver a product to you or have not been able to fulfil an order with your company

For legal help with an upcoming business decision or conflict

For any litigation needs you may have.


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Scheduling a Consultation

Christopher J. Snyder, PLLC

Christopher Snyder grew up in Orange County California. He attended California State Polytechnic University, Pomona for undergraduate studies. A cyclist and snowboarder in college, Christopher Graduated in 2009 with a degree in International Marketing and Professional Sales.

He had a career in sales in the printing and direct mail advertising world. In 2011, after seeing first-hand the effects of good lawyers and bad lawyers on many business deals, Christopher decided to attend law school to serve the business community.


Areas of Practice

Business Disputes

Many times, situations may arise between officers or employees of an organization. If the problem is not easily resolved…

Commercial Litigation

Problems happen when operating a business. These problems can come up through a breach of contract, undelivered product/services…


Protecting fair play in the markets is the aim of antitrust law. Many industries and professional trade associations face antitrust liability.


Just a short note to compliment you on your handling of the recent mediation at our office.  You did a very professional job of advising the clients on the benefits of settlement and the risks of litigation.  You were well versed on the facts of the particular case and on the law applicable to the facts.  I enjoy working with well prepared, professional lawyers like you.

– Dale O’Neal


I contacted Christopher Snyder and he was not only professional, but extremely helpful in getting my case resolved while saving us from some potentially costly frivolous claims. Chris was able to persuade the opposing party and their Lawyer that they really did not have any legitimate grounds to proceed and so they signed a release of all claims, thereby ending it there.